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Residents in Aroroy, Masbate continue to thrive despite the pandemic through the livelihood programs that were set up years ago by Filminera Resources Corporation (FRC) and Phil Gold Processing & Refining Corporation (PhilGold) through their Social Development and Management Program (SDMP).

One such livelihood program is the community’s engagement in egg production. With egg being a staple in Filipino meals, the livelihood associations in the two firms’ host barangays have continually earned income and enabled the families to have food on their table.

To date, there are more than 8,000 layer chickens producing 6,500 eggs a day, enough to supply eggs in the community and to the neighboring barangays. They also have regular retail and wholesale buyers who supply eggs to other municipalities, allowing them to earn a combined total monthly income of Php 988,000.

The bulk of the earnings (70%) are equally distributed to association members while 30% is being retained in the bank as part of the associations’ monthly savings.The project was set up in 2016 in the eight impact barangays in Aroroy. It started earning around P30,000 monthly in the first few months. Soon, the project grew and expanded to include more barangays in Aroroy. Its success has allowed the livelihood associations to invest in the extension of their poultry houses and expand production to accommodate additional chickens to produce more eggs, which led them to the level of earnings they now have, with 156 households in Aroroy as beneficiaries.

Aside from egg production, FRC and PhilGold also established other livelihood opportunities for the community members, including a hydroponics agriculture system, banana chips food processing, oyster production, bangus and tilapia culture, salted egg processing, among others.
To ensure the sustainability of these projects, FRC has conducted trainings among the community members to allow them to operate and expand their cooperatives. The trainings include capacity building, financial literacy, hands-on technical trainings, and study tours.