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Investing in the Future


Aside from the employees and contractors hired from its host communities, other Masbate residents were also employed in other ways by Filminera.

One such endeavor is the community Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) set up by Filminera under its livelihood program. Dubbed the Tech4Ed Center, it was established to give employment to housewives and college-level students.

Filminera built a special office adjacent to its administration headquarters to house the mini-BPO. It can accommodate more than 30 BPO personnel and comes equipped with personal computers and internet access.

Tech4Ed trains qualified applicants to work as virtual assistants, project managers, language tutors, and sales marketing. Filminera assists them in connecting with clients based abroad and provides them with the use of office equipment for free. People passing through their office may mistake them for MGP employees, however their offshore clients are unaware there is any difference between them and other Manila-based call-center agents.

Most of these BPO agents are in their early 20s and early 30s. Some are even housewives while the younger ones are helping their families make ends meet. Others are earning to finish their college education.

Filminera and Phil. Gold continues to push for an improved way of living in the host barangays of Aroroy. Recently, the two firms donated several books to the library of Tigbao Integrated School.

The book collection allowed the school to hold storytelling sessions to encourage the younger students to read stories in English. Filminera also established a small library at the Mangrove Forest Park in Masbate City.

Host Barangay Puro was gifted with a water supply system and a covered basketball court located near the boat and bus terminals.

Further up the coast is Barangay San Agustin where Filminera and Phil. Gold oversaw the planting of mangroves. The success of the program revived marine life in the area – not only have the fish returned, but the project has also given a new livelihood to the locals.


GRANTED TUITION ASSISTANCE and/or monthly allowance to 2,434  High School Students and 2,112 College students from 2009 to June 2022. For school year 2022 to 2023 MGP has supported 1,291 high school students and 1,177 college students from the 8 host and  25 Neighboring barangays;
FUNDED THE HONORARIA  of 12 Alternative Learning System Instructional Managers, 16 Daycare Workers, and 15 school aides to adress the lack of  school personnel.
BUILT AND/OR REPAIRED 37 classrooms and 19 school bldgs;  one  21st Century classroom.
CONSTRUCTED SCHOOL FACILITIES  such as libraries, toilets, stages, fences and handwashing facilities.
DISTRIBUTED textbooks, school supplies, computers, LCD projectors,   other visual aids and over 49,000 schoolbags. Supported the modular and distance learning system during the pandemic by providing photocopiers, printers and printing materials for reproduction of modules,  disinfectants, and other PPEs for the teachers.
PROVIDED DAILY TRANSPORTATION to over a 1,000 students during school year for the past 11 years.


BUILT 8 HEALTH CENTERS and provided toilets to 3,457 houses, Supplied medicine, birthing, and doagnostic equipment to these facilities;
DEVELOPED & INSTALLED 113 water systems consisting of 31,796 meters  pipelines, 46  reservoirs, deepwells and 225 communal faucets benefitting more than 5,000 households.
PROVIDED HONORARIA to 58 Barangay Health Workers (BHWs) and 6  Barangay Nutrition Scholars from from 8 host barangays to provide health services such as immunization, pre and post-natal care, and sanitation and hygiene to the communities and;
PROVIDED FREE MEDICAL CONSULTATION, eyeglasses and dentures to 8,958 senior citizens; Sponsored feeding programs for hundreds of malnourished children.
SUPPORTED PTB DIAGNOSIS, exam and medication to 659 PTB positive patients of the the 8 impact barangays
PROVIDED 3 UNITS AMBULANCE  to 3 barangays enabling speedier transport of patients from barangays to hospitals

Infrastructure and Support Services

CEMENTED 55,359.5 METERS of community roads and more than 2,800  meters of pathways
CONSTRUCTED 4 CONCRETE FOOTBRIDGES, enabling residents to travel by foot or morized bikes during rainy days and extended the foot bridge in Barangay Balawing by 100 meters allowing residents to travel by boat during low tide;
INSTALLED 405 UNITS of street lights which made travel easier and safer
FUNDED  THE CONSTRUCTION OF 30 MULTI-PURPOSE BUILDINGS and the repair of 4 such buildings
Erected 12  COVERED RECREATION AND SPORTS CENTERS in 11 barangays. These structures double as evacuation and  disaster management centers.
BUILT 7 NEW CHAPELS and and renovated 31 chapels;
BUILT 2  SATELLITE  MARKETS in 2  barangays to enable farmers, fisherfolk and women to sell their products.
PROVIDED 2 UNITS FIRETRUCK to 2 barangays to beef up emergency response support services.

Livelihood and Organizational Development

CREATED OVER1,600 JOBS, over 80% of which are filled by residents of Masbate.
PROVIDED SUPPLEMENTAL INCOME to 1,034 recipients comprising fishermen, farmers, women, senior citizens
ORGANIZED AND REGISTERED 47 LIVELIHOOD ASSOCIATIONS with the Departments of Labor and Employment, and Trade and Industry.
PROVIDED FARM MACHINERIES to 1 barangay enabling farmers to cultivate idle lands and increase food production,  provided various food processing equipment for livelihood associations in 5 barangays and sewing machines for 3 women dressmaking associations in 3 barangays.
CONDUCTED TRAINING PROGRAMS for aquasilvi culture, vegetable production, hydroponics, greenshouse and organic farming,  poultry and egg production, duck raising, small ruminants production,  tailoring and dressmaking, mangrove development,  food processing, massage therapy, beauty care,  and fish processing. The members also attended leadership and bookkeeping seminars.


Granted to High School and College Students


Billion Pesos Spent
For Community Development Projects

*data as of June 30, 2023